Golf is the game for the rich, famous and normally adults.

But, schools in Abu Dhabi organized another sport event that would keep our younger generation’s schedule occupied.

On Wednesday, 19th December 2012, Cristal Hotels sponsored the junior golfer of Al Yasmina School to compete in the 2nd Interschool junior golf competition hosted by Abu Dhabi City Golf Course. It is a monthly event comprises of 5 competitions which ends in March 2013.

Young, serious faces focused on getting the right sway of their arms for a complete par.

 “We at Cristal have always been supportive in diverting the youth’s interest to sport competition as this. It is not just a sport, you play sincerely with the objective of getting the move right in order to win. Self discipline in reaching goals, a winning attitude for the future generation”, said Peter Blackburn, CEO & President of The Cristal Group.


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