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The archipelago of Comoros

Also called "Islands of Perfumes" or "Islands of the Moon". They consist of four islands located in the Western Indian Ocean :

  • Grande Comore (N'gazidja - 1148 km2)
  • Moheli (Mwali - 290 km2)
  • Anjouan (N'dzouani - 424 km2)

all three independent since July 6, 1975. Mayotte (Maore - 374 km2) attached to France and spent the archipelago overseas department in 2011.

  • Producer of ylang-ylang, vanilla, cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon.
  • Exuberant vegetation, large plantations of coconut palms, orchids, mangoes.
  • Outstanding terrestrial wildlife including many endemic species: birds, butterflies, iguanas, lizards, lemurs and bats, including the famous Livingstone's flying fox.
  • Seabed rich in coral and fish species including the famous Coelacanth Global Website nesting green turtles, seasonal passage of whales, dolphins, many permanent waters rich in lobsters, prawns, crabs
Information of Grande Comores

Capital : Moroni
Population : 70 000 inhabitants
International Airport : Prince Said Ibrahim
Languages : Comoros, French, Arabic
Local Time : 3
GMT Temperatures : between 23 and 28 degrees throughout the year
Seasons : Dry and "fresh" from May to October, hot and wet November to April
Currencies : Comorian Franc (KMF) 1 Euro = 490 KMF
Communications : Telephone, fax, internet IDD Code: 269
Visas : Passport and visa validity short of the finish obtained
Banks : Monday-Thursday 7:30 am 2:00 p.m. Friday 7:30 to 11:00

BP: 8217, Moroni, Comoros
Tel. +269 773 3333
Fax. + 269 775 3336
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Weather in Moroni as at 06:15 am EAT
30°C (86°F) Humidity: 14%
Wind: North West 8.05kph

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